Practice, Product, Protocol Exhibition
William Muschenheim Fellowship
University of Michigan
Taubman College of Architecture

Practice, Product, Protocol is an exhibition about architecture’s entanglement with immaterial systems. In the era of the information economy, an increasing part of architectural discourse no longer responds to material assets but rather to the value and opportunity of intangible ones, such as financial instruments, digital interfaces, spreadsheets, invoices, and diagrams. The emergence of abstract organizational structures has also led to the inability of establishing clear boundaries between traditional notions of public and private space, as domestic and working environments have converged into a single place of life, work and leisure. Increasingly, these environments are mediated through corporate organizational platforms, allocating space as a subscription based services. The entanglement of architecture with these immaterial systems is displayed in three interspersed parts, ranging from a serially produced catalogue of deployable soft architecture, a video game environment that examines organizational models of architecture practice, and financial formations for a post-property urban condition.

This fellowship work capitalizes on business strategies of major coworking and coliving companies, which produce total environments equipped with desks, conference rooms and coffee bars, and also with an invisible set of protocols which facilitate the politics, organizational structures and management of people in space. The work on display is a proposal for a readily deployable series of discrete architectural objects which can be assembled, disassembled and transported with ease, unbound by building regulations and costing a fraction of ground-up building. The project operates somewhere between the space of architecture, industrial design and furniture design – a soft architecture produced not in units of one, but many – an itinerant, serialized catalog of equipment.

Lead:  Jacob Comerci

Team:  Christian Austin, Laura Lisbona, Sang Won Jee, Eli Back, Danrui Xiang, Adrian DiCorato, Chris Humphrey

Graphic Design: Sam Wood