Domestic Equipment for a New Collectivity in Rome
Bee Breeders Collective Living Competition
Honorable Mention

Despite being one of the least affordable cities in the world, Rome’s recent political instability has resulted in a series of unfortunate predicaments including trash-filled streets, crumbling infrastructure and most relevant to our purposes, an excess of abandoned building stock. In order to capitalize on these building vacancies, this proposal seeks to revitalize, through an interior fit-out, Rome’s defunct LEO Penicillin Campus. This notorious case in point stands as an example of how Rome can inject its housing stock with new affordable models for collective life without building from the ground up. Given the excess number of vacant buildings in Rome, we believe the interior fit-out is the most socially, urbanistically and economically responsible way of reinvigorating Rome’s urban context while providing an answer to the call for affordable communal housing. Our proposal substitutes a housing-scale proposition (rooms, corridors, etc.) with the scale of furniture.

Team:  Jacob Comerci & Eli Back